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Welcome to the Official Sinister Series website. Introducing the new CHROMOZONE - FLESH AND BLOOD


Starring female protagonist Sara Greene, a mother to an adorable seven year old who is deaf from birth. Straight away their world is thrown into turmoil when a contagious infection is spreading across the United Kingdom, turning the living into a new breed of zombie like no other. Fearful for their lives, Sara has no choice but to build up the courage to protect her only child one way or another. She learns the hard way that the rules have changed. It’s kill or be killed.

Just how far will Sara go to protect the one thing that means everything to her? Can she put all her instincts aside and become a killer?

A new twist on the zombie genre. Book One is out now and available to purchase in print (Pocket sized and standard sized) and eBook  form from many online book retailers. 

Will she have the strength and courage to survive? Can she keep her child from harm? Purchase the book today to find out and delve right into this action-packed emotional journey of a young mother. Certificated 18+ 



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A mother against an army of the undead.

How far would you go to protect the one you love?



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